CrunchTime is the gold-standard restaurant management system. Our platform integrates your POS, accounting, HR, payroll, vendor suppliers, and other external systems into a single back office solution. Lower food & beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of your food service operations with CrunchTime.

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  • Restaurant Management Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Food Cost Management

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Technology & Integration

Technology & Integration

CrunchTime delivers restaurant management software that works anytime, anywhere, on any device! The CrunchTime platform enables you to understand exactly what is happening in your restaurants from the store-level up to the enterprise-level.

Full Integration to your POS, accounting, payroll, suppliers, and other external systems to eliminate duplicate data entry into multiple systems.
Bi-directional Data Flow integration allows for data to flow in both directions.
Automated Exports can be automated based on a configurable schedule or manually generated by a user.
Defined System Standards: System exports flat files based on defined standards or mapped exports to company infrastructure.
Exported data is locked down in CrunchTime to maintain data integrity.
Imports are validated by the CrunchTime Data Pump (CDP) to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
Standard Interface Guide is provided which outlines details of file types and structures.
Streamlined subscriptions, training, support, and maintenance for multiple solutions.
Central Data Repository for one centralized database to make all transactions visible in real-time, and enable ultra-accurate reporting. Transforming the business starts with this crystal clear view of the company’s performance.
Seamless integration to all major business systems (POS Point of Sale, Payroll, Accounting General Ledger, EDI Vendors, Human Resources, Time Clock) provides a true enterprise view in real-time.
Platform independence for open interfaces allow all business units to access the system, and simplify collaboration.

Customer Testimonials

Now, we can see on a shift-by-shift, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month basis how much product we’re using and cross it with how much we’re ordering and determine any kind of impact points that we might encounter. Our above-store users and multi-unit operators, the have the ability to drill down and identify which stores are really winning and which stores have operational challenges or concerns.

We’ve found that we’ve been able to shave significant dollar amounts on inventory and labor costs. Smarter decisions product-wise, inventory-wise, using ideal hours, we’re able to create tighter schedules and use less hours than we would have if we were just doing schedules manually. The resources that CrunchTime’s provided us, whether it be from a technical standpoint or a support standpoint, they’ve gone above and beyond with trying to help us.

CrunchTime has been great to work with. Our cafe managers love the program – it’s easy to use, it’s intuitive for them so it makes them much more efficient. [They have] been able to fine tune their food cost variance in a very short period of time.

I wanted to go with a system that would take us into the future […] at any time I want, I can dig in to see where our food cost is and so can my team. CrunchTime has allowed us to dive into our information and receive reporting at an entirely new level that we have not seen in our 25 year history.

The implementation of CrunchTime has dramatically improved the ease with which all levels of management can drill-down into the specific components impacting food costs.

CrunchTime greatly simplifies the mechanics of Inventory Control for our theatre managers and quickly highlights areas of opportunity. Theatre managers can now quickly focus in on key areas that have the greatest impact on effectively managing the supply chain, reducing waste and improving overall efficiency of the Food and Beverage operations.

CrunchTime’s platform allows our corporate staff and restaurant managers to access the tool at any time, from any device, and from any location.

Actionable information gets to the right people, at the right time, allowing us to be more precise in our, more strategic and more proactive in the decisions we make. CrunchTime is helping us drive more profits forecasts to our bottom line!

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