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Comprehensive list of Reston, Virginia based companies, consultants and engineers offering web & application software development, design, testing & analysis services.

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It describes itself as a doorway to the Internet. NumalRec is an applicant recruiting software system that can be easily adapted to suit recruiting requirements. It has the capability to keep detailed records of customers, vendors, employees, contacts and needs.

Agillence has built a powerful optimization technology for provide chain, logistics, and transportation problems. Coupled with our unique web based product architecture, we deliver our customers unprecedented benefits. We have produced exceptional benefits for many firms through the world. If you have questions for your projects, we'll be glad to share our experiences and insights with you.

Global InfoTek. GITI develops and integrates advanced information technology. Our team of senior scientists and software architects apply their expertise to build innovative solutions for our clients, on time and on budget. GITI is located in Reston, Virginia, and has team deployed worldwide.

You are one of the most talented teams I have worked with in my 11 years of working off shore. You should all be proud of yourselves. Thank you for a wonderful year. Three times each year, the Business Alliance Grubstake Breakfast brings together the region's brightest entrepreneurs, potential investors and business leaders in a highly innovative forum that shapes the growth and development of the

The Leader for more than a decade in security and authentication systems and in the development of the standards used by the Federal Government to establish error-free and secure authentication. XTec has led the way, through its innovative and patented technologies and research, with easy to use and highly secure solutions for government and businesses.

Near Infinity is actively using SharePoint Object Relational Mapper, or sporm for short, on two projects. Traditionally, SharePoint projects are difficult to unit test, use weak typing, and require complicated XML to query for data. Sporm is specifically designed to simplify unit testing, enable strongly typed objects, and support LINQ access to SharePoint objects.

Integrated with robust document management, MS Project, workflow, and automated measurement and reporting, processMax is the web-based solution for effective and efficient management of software and systems engineering projects. Measurement collection and report generation are fully automated-giving managers real-time, fact-based insight into all kinds of project progress.

SmartArrays provides a new approach to data-intensive analytics. Get superior on-demand performance for speed-of-thought business intelligence. Our products give you complete flexibility to perform any calculation or answer any question, unlike off-the-shelf software packages with a fixed repertory of analyses.

L&C's advanced TeSSI technology suite has evolved to understand the requirements of a broad array of industries: healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and R&D firms, government, HIT vendors and software developers. Today L&C offers advanced solutions to those sectors where our tools and technology can provide a significant benefit in terminology/ ontology and knowledge management content management,