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Comprehensive list of Seattle, Washington based companies, consultants and engineers offering web & application software development, design, testing & analysis services.

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Celebrating our nineteenth year, Ursus Technologies. is the oldest and most accomplished builder of innovative and reliable strategic software products in the Pacific Northwest. Ursus continues to be integral to the success of prominent early-stage and emerging firms.

Discover McKesson's Practice Partner electronic health record EHR and practice management solution which uses Bright Note Technology, a dynamic processing technology that allows physicians to complete the whole patient record from a single note. Check out our comprehensive online demo to learn how Practice Partner can assist your practice.

Pearson Business Management Services., is a Seattle based software and business management consulting company specializing in the implementation and maintenance of case management and accounting systems in both the legal and corporate environments. Our staff will supply you with the finest solutions to fit your technological requirements.

One of the top information technology IT consulting companies in the Seattle area, Active Solutions supplies analysis of business needs for custom software development, programming and internet consulting services for business, governmental, and non-profit entities.

EvidenceOnQ is a powerful, flexible and easy to use software solution for managing evidence and maintaining property rooms. Provides law enforcement agencies an automated, barcode system to manage property and evidence for the complete life-cycle. We know many agencies are feeling boxed in with budget limitations, reduction in force, and ever increased workloads.

What I liked about Quardev is their team went above and beyond in terms of thinking about the product. They tested it of course but they gave us a wealth of nice feedback in terms of usability and user interaction that were thoughtful and helpful. We're here to aid manage your next software project.

The Journal of Infectious Diseases has published a study on risk factors for bacterial enteric infection in kids. Craic developed the database system used in this study. Craic has published a tutorial on the aws-sdb Ruby interface to the SimpleDB key-value store from Amazon Web Services.

It is always great to have a dependable spare. A valuable service that we supply to each of our clients. The Staff at Productive are superb to work with. They have always been eager to assist in any way and go the extra mile for client satisfaction. Great communication and prompt service. Productive has published its latest P-Guide, Windows 7: Should You Take the Plunge?

We're a tiny firm, established in 1994, that is committed to creating terrific games for Windows and Macintosh. Geneforge 5: Overthrow is now available for Windows and Macintosh! At last, the epic Geneforge saga comes to a conclusion. The rebellion has brought Terrestia to the brink of ruin. Will you crush the rebels, or will you aid them to win their final victory?

Corporation, we bring the correct mix of deep technical knowledge, exceptional content development and delivery skills, and strong project leadership to provide superior results for our customers. All of our employees are skilled specialists with both technology solutions and professional services backgrounds.

Desktop Applications We specialize in single point deployment Windows applications using shared data over existing internal networks. We use proprietary software to determine the optimal set of features that meet your business requirements. These tools enables us to compare feature set variations and supply almost immediate cost assessments.

Are you searching for barcode software and barcode fonts? Azalea Software has been creating and selling powerful, easy to use barcode font software for almost two decades now. We love barcodes and want to assist you integrate barcodes and barcode printing into your favorite applications, including databases, spreadsheets, label templates, layout designs and custom applications you've written yourself.

  • The only folks you want to buy a bar code font from.

Broaden your linguistic and cultural horizons! Glyph Language Services delivers innovative, customized language solutions to assist customers bring content, products and software to global markets. By building and nurturing an international network of specialized translators and consultants in the world's major languages, Glyph is always able to match the best specialists to customer project needs,

Since its establishment in 1988 as a developer and publisher of Bible study software for the individual computer, Biblesoft has been the market leader in product innovation and function. This simple mission was planted in owner Jim Gilbertson's heart years ago. He was a programmer for Boeing, when he started to work on a individual program to aid him study his Bible.

At Gilbert & Associates, we've been planning, implementing and supporting customizable business management software systems for over twenty five years. With industry leading software and a solid consulting, development and implementation staff, we supply you with high quality investment that will grow with your business requirements. You guys are the finest consultants I have ever had the privilege

With a 7SM partnership, businesses transform to work more effectively, regardless of scale. Increased savings and profit are realized by streamlining internal processes and extracting maximum value from your existing software systems, data stores, and IT assets.

Satori Software delivers simply powerful address management solutions. Our products make address cleansing and postal sorting easier so that our clients can maintain best quality address data and achieve optimal postage rates. We increase deliverability and remove the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations.

WebPE Environmental software is a proven EMIS solution that offers con-sulting firms, industrial firms, and govern-ment agencies a scalable, secure on-line system to manage environmental compliance, restoration, and prevention programs. Adopting WebPE Environmental software can result in a significant reduction in data management expenses.

Cross River Software is a tiny company in Seattle, where tiny software companies are as ubiquitous as coffee shops. We thrive in this competitive rain forest by having adapted ourselves to a range of programming niches; we are as proficient at developing huge resource simulation applications for water utilities as we are at writing handheld astronomical software for stargazers.

Escapia assists 100's of leading vacation rental agencies manage and market tens of 1000's of vacation rental homes. Escapia provides the leading web-based vacation rental management software and marketing solutions. Learn how our secure, easy-to-use and tightly integrated marketing and management solutions simplify the management of your business and connect you to millions of online consumers.

This is the home page for WyssWare Software Development. It is the business of Craig Wyss. Engaged in the development of best quality commercial software for Image Analysis, Image Processing and the OPTIMAS ALI language. A Couple of old pictures of the family.

Visualize your ideas with an interactive model. The decision to buy a software product goes way beyond written specifications. A model enables you and your clients to experience the interactions of an application before it is built. Validate your ideas with clients, channel partners, and investors. Make a tiny investment to validate your idea before you make a huge investment.

Although the unregistered version enables evaluating all of the software's features, it has a number of restrictions The registration of MyBusinessCatalog will remove the restrictions and turn your copy of the software into a robust tool for a real business! MyBusinessCatalog Platinum v.7.4.4 Specifying product attributes when ordering white, black, etc. Number of additional fields increased to 15.

Powerful ShowGo has been the finest software tool we currently have purchased in years! Our award-winning trade show management software includes seamlessly integrated features, including calendar / budget / expenses / ROI, and report templates / wizards that enable you to handle any trade show or event with ease. ShowGo now provides the Inventory Management Module. Find out why it's Inventory made

Express Metrix develops award-winning IT asset management software that supplies maximum visibility and control over the inventory and usage of your network assets. Find out why IT asset management has never been simpler. Without knowing what's installed and used on your network, it's virtually impossible to anticipate the next nasty little surprise.

With Jakoba's intuitive software we had immediate visibility to all skills and performance data; which has helped us make better decisions as a firm. People are your most important asset. Jakoba Software's employee performance management solutions allow you to connect with, align, engage, and evolve your people most effectively, without forcing disruptive change on your organization.

Insilicos is developing new biomarkers with the potential to revolutionize medicine, by delivering better diagnoses of disease, and by enabling development of new therapies. We are applying pattern-recognition techniques to proteomics. Pattern-recognition is a mathematical technique to identify patterns in complex data.

Brain Murmurs is a software R&D firm inspired by Thomas Edison's Menlo Park lab. Founded in 2002 by Dan Pasco and Lisa Hartin, we've evolved into a strong development staff supporting ourselves with software revenue, contracting, and consulting. Our product lineup includes the Mentat project sharing service and Blackberry application, with much more on the way.

HYDRA software is a complete-featured program used by environmental and civil engineers to model and design urban drainage systems. It assists you estimate wastewater flows, and then calculates the resulting hydraulics within the collection system. It supplies tools for managing all kinds of flows, including sanitary wastewater, stormwater inflow, rainfall-dependent infiltration, and groundwater infiltration.

Is your firm prepared for future growth? We can enhance your current business systems or integrate whole new systems that reply as your firm expands. Our web development staff can assist evolve the solutions you need to increase productivity and automate processes. Every customer deserves the finest solutions for their business. We have the tools and skill to provide.

CapitalStream is an integrated software platform enabling commercial banks and finance firms to implement Straight Through Processing STP across lending and leasing portfolios. CapitalStream transforms manual paper-based operations into automated enterprises that reply speedily, efficiently and consistently.

Klir Analytics was developed to give IT Professionals faster and easier access to the important information they need to do their job better. Gone are the costs and complexities of managing and using traditional IT software solutions. Register today, and in as little as 20 minutes you can have an entirely new IT systems management experience.

Continental Resources specialists follow a proven enabling methodology to ensure consistent, best quality, and timely services in every engagement. How are you managing your Desktops? Using LANDesk software you can remote control anyone / anywhere, centrally deploy & manage all of your applications and get a handle on your assets.

Meta IP Reduces network administration costs by managing DNS and DHCP services from a central management console. SAFE DHCP Quarantine Isolate unknown or unsafe hosts until they meet your security needs. MetaInfo's hardware and software solutions supply centralized IP address management with the added security of the SAFE DHCP Quarantine Framework.

AgencTRAK 1000 is the 1st web-enabled online tracking database and scheduling software designed for Interpreting and Translation Agencies to communicate with their freelancers, administrative team and clients around the world ONLINE. Imagine being able to eliminate all the headaches associated with trying to use multiple programs to track and manage your invoices, jobs, customer/customer information